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You Choose Your Own Experience

This video produced by myself and a dear friend Brad Maughn is based on the understanding that you choose your own reality.
It is a short film with beautiful cinematography encompassing the understanding of a perfect day. Realizing how every act is absolutely sacred and being fully aware and astute to your every step, trickles down into every act you make.
When I consciously decided I was going to live the best life ever I started on this crusade to be the ruler of my mind and what thinks. Allowing my thinking process to become more genuine and authentic I was swiftly catapulted into a state of full understanding of life or the action of grace.

As life continued to shine I have become brighter, more loving, more companionate and open to the unknown.

I wanted to capture this essence of life and immediately called one of my dearest long time friend the most talented artists and film producers today Brad Maughn.

Brad has been an incredible integral part in my life. He was one of the first professional paintball players I had ever met. His stoic appearance first caught my eye as a young player and his kindness echoed in my heart. His professionalism as a person and his fierce playing ability instantly made him an important role mode in my life.
I’m honored to say we have won championship tournaments together and now we are together creating and capturing brilliant art.

We hope you enjoy.

The underlying premise of this film is that, there is nothing special I do in my life and that all
This is fully available to everyone. You just have to take the time to appreciate every waking moment and you have won the day.