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The Paintball Player


Yes, it is a profession and you can actually do it for living.
Yes, it hurts.
And, no, we are not military.

Paintball, like every other game, has transformed into an incredibly amazing sport. In the late 90s it moved out of the woods and into the spectator’s view. We are fashioned with bright appealing colors on our jerseys and branded with sponsors. Paintball took form as a new subculture sport, ultimately unfolding into a methodical, real life chess match. Combining both team strategy and individual play, this sport has captivated many.

Oliver was determined at a young age to achieve the highest level of competition. He has been called the Michael Jordan or the Tiger Woods of paintball. He and his team Dynasty have set new standards for the sport and written the formula for the way it is played. They have achieved more wins than the best professional team of any other sport. They have all become icons in the sport and continue to push the boundaries. They pave the way for future paintball players of all ages and make the dream possible.

“Paintball has been my ultimate teacher, I am forever grateful for the opportunities is has given me. The places I have been and the people I have met are invaluable. It has taught me thy dreams do come true and your infinite possibilities lay before you to accept the challenge and triumph”

“My evolution as a man and spirit is all due to my success in my paintball career. Master one thing, master all.”
— Oliver Lang

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“Though I’m not an expert on reincarnation or the transference of souls, after spending time traveling and living around Ollie Lang, I’m convinced he’s a
cross between an ancient Viking God, a pirate, and a child who died suddenly while playing. No one else in the sport wins so frequently, gobbles up life on the road so franticly, or plays the game so instinctually. Etched into the neck of original Dogtown Zboy, pool riding vert pioneer Jay Adams is a tat that reads “100% skateboarder”.

If anyone in our sport can claim the title “100% paintballer”, it’s Ollie, but the only tats proclaiming this to the world are his welt scars. He’s won everything there is to win, been everywhere, and helped define competitive paintball since he was a rookie. It’s fitting and ironic that recently he’s found a love for art because he’s been a gunfighting artist on the field for well over a decade. If your life actually does flash before your eyes when you die, the last story you’ll see or hear is your own story, so you better make it a good one. I think, deep down, Oliver’s known this his whole life, the way you know how to breathe when you’re
sleeping. Hopefully before his soul takes the ride, we’ll have a way to capture and watch someone’s final tale, call it the End Reel, because his story has been one for the ages, and I’d love to see it.”

— Matty Marshall