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The Healer


“We are all blessed with the innate gift of healing, to ultimately heal ourselves and then be of assistance to others.”

The essence of everything is one’s own mind. Oliver has been on a quest to return to more balanced and harmonized natural wholesome well-being. His introduction was apprenticing a shaman in the jungle of Peru. From the plants and organic super food diet, Oliver emerged a changed man. He is now studying healing through the use of sound. Since the beginning of time sound has been medicine. Through sound, peace is found and healing can occur.

Oliver is cultivating his healing craft. Adamant about finding the best teachers and learning the skills of the ancients, he aims to help people remember their pure, perfect brilliance. He incorporates energy work, Thai yoga massage, crystal crucibles, Accutonics, healing fragrances and an immense amount of love and positive intention. Deep healing can happen while traumatic memories are released forgiveness can occur and we witness our truth and ultimate purpose.

This page is embedded with the purest intentions to activate and remember, to receive unlimited peace within ourselves, and live in harmony with all beings.