Welcome to my website and taking the time out of your precious day to visit me. This site is my opportunity to share with you who I am, what I care about and believe in. Honestly I am many things and I choose not to compartmentalize all my abilities into one label. Ultimately I am human, the most incredible title I believe one can have. It's a rare and special ability to achieve all that's needed to on this plane while helping our fellow brothers and sisters of the world, not to mention our beloved planet and all of its inhabitants in every kingdom. This is my chance to share with you my growth, my experiences my mishaps and hopefully we can inspire each other along the way. So I thank you again for allowing me to share myself with you and giving me the space to be vulnerable, authentic, honest and raw. May we all flourish as one.

Oliver lang.


The Germans have a wonderful word which means an artist of life. someone who approaches life with zest and inspiration. someone who manages to make life magical in myriad ways by putting a positive spin on everything. How we share lives, and our contribution to the environment. To how we dress, how we educate our children,How we dance through life,how we speak, and how we make love. Painting each day of this canvas of life experience. "I put talent into my work but I put genius into my life" Oscar Wilde.


Dear friends my guiding principle is luminosity. I shine by inspiring others with the reflection of their own radiance. My intention is to be brilliant by steering others to cultivate beauty all while expressing myself.

This website is dedicated to you, the viewer. I want to share what lights me up. I want to inspire others to reveal their pure, perfect brilliance. I am of service. And I give you all of my heart.

I invite you into my life to assist me along my journey while we activate ourselves into our purest highest form to achieve our infinite potential.

I am so grateful for you and thank you for visiting,

Your friend,

My material is based on my own personal experience. So take, listen, feel, chew and swallow what serves you. I invite you to investigate all things that I say or do to fit your own personal experience, so that it can be formed into what suits you best. We are all unique beings and what works for me might not work best for you. So please take what you need and apply the best formula that works for you.


Yes, it is a profession and you can actually do it for living.
Yes, it hurts.
And, no, we are not military.

Paintball, like every other game, has transformed into an incredibly amazing sport. In the late 90s it moved out of the woods and into the spectator's view. We are fashioned with bright appealing colors on our jerseys and branded with sponsors. Paintball took form as a new subculture sport, ultimately unfolding into a methodical, real life chess match. Combining both team strategy and individual play, this sport has captivated many.

Oliver was determined at a young age to achieve the highest level of competition. He has been called the Michael Jordan or the Tiger Woods of paintball. He and his team Dynasty have set new standards for the sport and written the formula for the way it is played. They have achieved more wins than the best professional team of any other sport. They have all become icons in the sport and continue to push the boundaries. They pave the way for future paintball players of all ages and make the dream possible.

"Paintball has been my ultimate teacher, I am forever grateful for the opportunities is has given me. The places I have been and the people I have met are invaluable. It has taught me thy dreams do come true and your infinite possibilities lay before you to accept the challenge and triumph"
"My evolution as a man and spirit is all due to my success in my paintball career. Master one thing, master all."
— Oliver Lang

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"Though I'm not an expert on reincarnation or the transference of souls, after spending time traveling and living around Ollie Lang, I'm convinced he's a cross between an ancient Viking God, a pirate, and a child who died suddenly while playing. No one else in the sport wins so frequently, gobbles up life on the road so franticly, or plays the game so instinctually. Etched into the neck of original Dogtown Zboy, pool riding vert pioneer Jay Adams is a tat that reads "100% skateboarder".

If anyone in our sport can claim the title "100% paintballer", it’s Ollie, but the only tats proclaiming this to the world are his welt scars. He’s won everything there is to win, been everywhere, and helped define competitive paintball since he was a rookie. It's fitting and ironic that recently he’s found a love for art because he’s been a gunfighting artist on the field for well over a decade. If your life actually does flash before your eyes when you die, the last story you'll see or hear is your own story, so you better make it a good one. I think, deep down, Oliver’s known this his whole life, the way you know how to breathe when you’re sleeping. Hopefully before his soul takes the ride, we’ll have a way to capture and watch someone’s final tale, call it the End Reel, because his story has been one for the ages, and I’d love to see it."

— Matty Marshall


"We are the art"

The basis of creativity is a true understanding of harmony and balance. The motivation is to make something with powerful intent that is needed and meaningful. Oliver's art is his lifetime's focus. The goal of studying art and the art of making art is to learn creativity, which is the manifestation of insight.

"Nature is the true definition of art"

Oliver is currently only completing commission pieces.
His process is getting inside of the collector and, through meditation, creating a piece suited to heal and assist the viewer/owner.

His mediums are not limited only to one and the process is long but extremely potent. The art is embedded with powerful intention suited for the client.

Stay connected with current works of art, poetry, writings and photography here.

The Traveler
Wanderer Seeker

As I have gotten older, my heart sings after I have written. My message is expressed and this is the true medicine of life, to be heard. I’m here to push the boundaries, go into the depth of this earth and experience first hand. And then report back to you my trials and tribulations.
Experience builds knowledge and knowledge manifests into wisdom.

Happening Now!

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Seeking had made me realize I didn’t need to go anywhere.
The true journey is within the inside. Yoga and the connection to the divine is all within you.
The exterior travel is a reflection of the inner and the thirst for life.
To understand your purpose and expose the true you.

Moving toward the method of yoga in all forms is the ability to learn your balance.
Inside and out ultimately seeing what the truth is.


“We are all blessed with the innate gift of healing, to ultimately heal ourselves and then be of assistance to others.”

The essence of everything is one’s own mind. Oliver has been on a quest to return to more balanced and harmonized natural wholesome well-being. His introduction was apprenticing a shaman in the jungle of Peru. From the plants and organic super food diet, Oliver emerged a changed man. He is now studying healing through the use of sound. Since the beginning of time sound has been medicine. Through sound, peace is found and healing can occur.

Oliver is cultivating his healing craft. Adamant about finding the best teachers and learning the skills of the ancients, he aims to help people remember their pure, perfect brilliance. He incorporates energy work, Thai yoga massage, crystal crucibles, Accutonics, healing fragrances and an immense amount of love and positive intention. Deep healing can happen while traumatic memories are released forgiveness can occur and we witness our truth and ultimate purpose.

This page is embedded with the purest intentions to activate and remember, to receive unlimited peace within ourselves, and live in harmony with all beings.

"You Choose your Own Experience"

A Short Film by Brad Maughn

This video produced by myself and a dear friend Brad Maughn is based on the understanding that you choose your own reality.
It is a short film with beautiful cinematography encompassing the understanding of a perfect day. Realizing how every act is absolutely sacred and being fully aware and astute to your every step, trickles down into every act you make.
When I consciously decided I was going to live the best life ever I started on this crusade to be the ruler of my mind and what thinks. Allowing my thinking process to become more genuine and authentic I was swiftly catapulted into a state of full understanding of life or the action of grace.

As life continued to shine I have become brighter, more loving, more companionate and open to the unknown.

I wanted to capture this essence of life and immediately called one of my dearest long time friend the most talented artists and film producers today Brad Maughn.

Brad has been an incredible integral part in my life. He was one of the first professional paintball players I had ever met. His stoic appearance first caught my eye as a young player and his kindness echoed in my heart. His professionalism as a person and his fierce playing ability instantly made him an important role mode in my life.
I’m honored to say we have won championship tournaments together and now we are together creating and capturing brilliant art.

We hope you enjoy.

The underlying premise of this film is that, there is nothing special I do in my life and that all
This is fully available to everyone. You just have to take the time to appreciate every waking moment and you have won the day.

The Future

Oliver aims to lead by living an exemplary life, bridging the worlds of the ancient and new. “It is a powerful time to be alive at this very moment as human beings have a task at hand and we need each other in order to flourish.” I want to seek out the ultimate perfect mind and share with the world. I aim to start transformational retreats where people can come and learn and study the art of living using paintball as a vehicle. I aim to start a progressive league where the talent is at its finest and the players are rewarded for their results.

Where the growth of the sport can be measured and where players have a voice. Where players come together to work in harmony to grow this beautiful sport.


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Special Thanks to Dan Mouradian.

At this time reigned a magazine that will go down in the history of paintball, it was called P8NT.

Never before had paintball been captured the way it was in this gritty artistic view.

Dan joined P8NT Magazine shortly after its relaunch along with founding members Chris Hass and Chris Dilts.

I owe my career to these guys and what they saw in me as a young player. Not to mention what they did for the sport and many other players.

Dan built my first website in early 2000 and from then on I have been forever thankful
And appreciative in his artistic ability.

Thank you Dan.



[Oliver Lang was voted player of the year at 17 years old, the youngest player to ever achieve this honor]

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Dedication to my beloved osho

A white cloud drifts wherever the wind leads it doesn’t resist. It doesn’t fight. White cloud is not a conqueror still it hovers everything and you cannot defeat it. White cloud really has no way of its own it drifts, but it has no where to reach, no destination, no destiny to be fulfilled. you cannot frustrate a white cloud where it reaches that is it’s goal.
– Osho